May 2011 – March 2012 Life Recap

So I write these “life recaps” every three months for anyone interested in reading about my recovery. Are a collective group of 29 days really considered a month? Ok, I just forgot to write it on the ninth month which was technically February but I’ll make it up right now. I can’t believe that my next recap will officially make it one year. One year in which my life took a left turn.

For those who might be reading this for the first time, let me fill you in or click here and here. In May of 2011, specifically on Memorial Day, I was riding shotgun in an overturned red Toyota Corolla. Luckily, I had fallen asleep with my seat belt on. I spent the next 50 days in two different hospitals and the rest of 2011, getting back on my feet. I turned in my wheelchair in November and gave up my walker by December. As far as physical stepping stones, 2011 was a great year.

I’m walking now. I’ll most likely be running and jumping in my next recap. 2012 is shaping up to be an emotional year. I guess it’s time to face the “why am I still here” question that I’ve been avoiding all these months. Blah.

Before the accident, I was a waitress, production assistant, blogger and anything else that kept me busy. After the accident, I was unemployed and handicapped. It was weird “not working.” My first job was as a “Sandwich Artist” at a sandwich shop named Togo’s during my senior year in high school. Had to make that chedda if I wanted a nice dress for homecoming. I don’t think I ever went more than a month of not working until now. It’s time to get out of my comfort zone and face the real world again.

Not that I’ve been staying home or anything. Quite the contrary. I’ve attended shows, conducted interviews and tried to get back into my blogging routine. In some way, I just feel like something is stopping me from reaching my full recovery. I’m not even talking about my physical recovery. The emotional part has been the hardest to tackle. In the hospital, I would google “celebrities who have been in car accidents” to read about their recoveries and motivate myself. I remember having my parents watch Kanye West’s “Through The Wire” video a few times, knowing that they don’t understand much of what Ye’s rapping. I was the rap video commentator on SAP. It’s all good. I felt a little better about drinking Ensure.

I read about recoveries mainly to find out what helped them emotionally overcome the accidents and what motivated them to strive and be great. There had to be a secret, a code I needed to be let in on. I only found inspirational testimonies and as much as I wish there was a Emotionally Overcome Your Accident for Dummies guide, there isn’t. The testimonies do help. If that person has found his or her way through it then I can too. I just have to do it my way, whatever that may be.

That is where I’m at today. A little in the dark trying to find the spark to light up the path I need to take. Just taking it day by day.

At least I can sit Indian style again (don’t get offend my fellow OG Americans, I’m just too old to say I’m sitting “criss cross applesauce” style).

Until next time.

May – Nov 2011 Life Recap

You can’t really see progress when you take a recovery day by day. You really have to break it down in months.

May – Had multiple fractures and chilled in the ICU.
June – Sat up after being strictly bed ridden for a few weeks and took my first wheelchair ride with my stuffed penguin in hand.
July – Stood up (even if it was on one foot) for the first time in a month, stopped taking morphine, returned home from the hospital and stopped wearing my body brace just in time for my 24th birthday.
August – Stopped taking pain medication, had my stitches taken out and went to the beach (off-roaded in the sand with my wheelchair).
September – Got rid of my foot brace, walked on two feet (with a walker), attended my first Dodger game, started to drive again and J. Cole dropped his debut album (finally).
October – Decided to eat red meat and pork again after a few years.. oh, and ditched my walker.
November – Got rid of my wheelchair, walked my dog by myself for the first time in months and increased my overall strength.

Six months flew by.

I remember being in the hospital and thinking to myself, “when am I going to leave this place?” I remember lying in bed and thinking to myself, “when will the pain stop?” I remember sitting in my wheelchair and thinking to myself, “when will I be able to walk without assistance?” Now, I walk and think, “when will I be able to run again?” If there’s one thing I learned, it’s that time heals all.

I’m still looking for Ambrosia (Xena: Warrior Princess reference) to speed up the process though.

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#NP: Sinatra & Jobim – “The Girl From Ipanema”

WeSC + Bing Bang Headphones

WeSC collaborated with Bing Bang by Anna Sheffield to produce a capsule collection including headphones, rings and more pretty fresh jewelry. The whole collection is nice but what I needed/wanted/had to have were the sleek black headphones with rose gold details. I feel like everything I wear nowadays always goes well with rose gold. The headphones also came with a nice little bracelet that has a heart just like the ones on the headphones. Looks perfect with my favorite watch of the moment. Bet you can’t guess what color it is.

I wasn’t lying when I said I liked rose gold. You can cop some WeSC + Bing Bang headphones over at Karmaloop but before you do, make sure you hit up Karmaloop Codes for all your Karmaloop discount codes. Saving money is always an option. Shout out to my homie, Spits!

Check out pictures of the headphones and bracelet after the jump.

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Icicles at USC Hospital

I spent this summer in a hospital… yada yada yada. I was dying to Instagram but was stuck in a room on bed rest. To give me some IG content, my friends and family ran around the hospital and had a little photoshoot starring Icicles, my little penguin friend. Isn’t that what friends are for? Taking pictures of a stuffed penguin in different locations just so you could have something cool to update your Instagram timeline with? I’m a lucky girl.

My Perfect Imperfections

We all have qualities we love and love not-so-much but we learn to live with either way. I made this video a month or two out of the hospital in September (and still in my wheelchair) but was a little shy to share. Shy and I have no clue why. I’m proud of my perfect imperfections.

Took an accident to help me open my eyes. Thank you Andrea’s Choice for the tag video idea!

Sidenote: The song playing in the background is “Her Theme Song” by TiRon & Ayomari featuring BJ The Chicago Kid. Buy their latest album, A Sucker For Pumps, on iTunes!